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K5 Pure Ultra Water Filter


Designed with the ultimate in water filtration technology, this reverse osmosis system will remove all impurities from your drinking water giving you and your family total peace of mind.

  • Delivering Ultra Pure Water
  • Reverse Osmosis process
  • Delicious Tasting Water and Food
  • Independently certified
  • Purer Water than Bottled and Jug Filters
  • Simple and Easy to Install

Dimensions: h 483mm x w 150mm x d 394mm

Service Flow Rate: 3.75 l/min

Filters: Pre-filter, RO and post-filter

Guarantee: 10 years

Reverse Osmosis Process

The Kinetico K5 Pure water filter uses RO (Reverse Osmosis). An advanced filtering process where water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane to trap contaminants, producing clean, crystal clear and delicious tasting drinking water

The very best in water purification. The ultimate drinking water system, so advanced it will deliver bio pure water, taking out 99.9% of impurities including bacteria and viruses. Suitable for those who demand the highest level of protection.

Price excludes installation, please get in touch to arrange a quote