Water Softeners


We’ve installed many water softeners over the years,
but it’s Kinetico water softeners that consistently prove to be the most reliable and efficient.

The ingenious non-electric, twin-tank systems guarantee a continuous supply of softened water. Plus there are no timers to set, repair or replace!

We have the perfect water softener for you…

Kinetico AquBlu Water Softener

AquaBlu Water

A mid-range, twin tank, quality water softener.

Suitable for homes with;
1 – 3 bathrooms

Premier Compact Water Softener

Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener

Our most popular, twin-tank, block salt water softener

Suitable for homes with;
Up to 3 – 4 bathrooms
All plumbing systems.

Kinetico Premier Plus Water Softener

Kinetico Premier Plus Water Softener

Twin-tank, block salt water softener for larger properties.

Suitable for homes with;
4 + bathrooms
All plumbing systems & larger bore pipework


Please call to discuss your requirements. We have installed in offices, restaurants, guesthouses and care homes.

Watch the Kinetico test centre compare the Kinetico Premier Compact flow rate against other water Softeners.

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