How do you get rid of limescale?

There are many sprays and cleaning products available in local shops and supermarkets, however, none of these cleaning solutions tackle the source of the problem – hard water. Only with a twin-tank, ion exchange water softener can you get rid of limescale permanently. No more scrubbing, no more chemical just a lovely shiny home.


Can I stop limescale from forming?

When hard water is heated, the Calcium and Magnesium minerals in the water separate out and form a crust on any surface they come into contact with. This crust we know as limescale. The only way to stop limescale from forming is to remove the calcium and magnesium minerals, in other words to make the water soft.


Where are Kinetico systems used?

Kinetico systems have been installed in over 1 million homes  around the world – including that of HM Queen Elizabeth II! Kinetico is also trusted by companies who demand the best including the NHS, Savoy Hotel and Rolls Royce to name but a few.

Can I drink softened water?

There is a slightly increased amount of sodium in softened water but to put it into perspective there is more sodium in a glass of milk than in a glass of softened water, the only times we advise against it is when making up formula for small babies or if you are on a prescribed low sodium diet then to consult your doctor otherwise it’s down to personal choice.


Can I have a bespoke installation?

Kinetico sales engineers have extensive technical knowledge of all products and work closely with consultants and the customer on a number of bespoke projects to produce quality Water Treatment Systems that will match your exact needs.


How will my business or factory benefit from a Kinetico water solution?

In Industry, water plays an important role. Power generation, steam cooling and humidification processes rely on water to perform, many organisations need reliable sources of quality water as an integral part of production processes and many service industries rely on water as an important part of their customer offering.

Mineral deposition from hard or poor quality water can easily reduce equipment performance and increase wear and tear on components, resulting in increased costs from extra repair and downtime during replacement.

Kinetico water treatment systems are essential to:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Eliminate routine de-scaling
  • Increase equipment life
  • Improve performance
  • Reduce blow down volumes
  • Eliminate the potential for equipment failure

Kinetico’s aim is no less than to maintain and build on its position as the foremost supplier of industrial and commercial water treatment systems, through innovation, advanced design, high quality products, excellent customer support and competitive prices.

Why choose a Kinetico water solution?


Kinetico water experts put their very best thinking into engineering smarter products to bring the very best water solutions.

Millions of people around the world look to Kinetico for water treatment solutions, considered the number one provider of water treatment solutions in the world. We have some very well-known customers ranging from Buckingham Palace and the Savoy to Thames Water and the Royal Mint, all who demand the very best.

Kinetico invented the innovative, non-electric, twin-tank water softener which it introduced to the market more than 40 years’ ago and it still remains the best technology!


Our non-electric water softeners use the kinetic energy of water for power; they are economical to use, have low salt consumption, require no wiring and are very easy to install. The efficient, twin-tank systems ensure you get softened water 24/7. In single-tank designs, hard water is let into the supply system flowing through your home while the cleaning or regeneration process takes place meaning you only get soft water ‘some of the time’.

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