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Surestop Stopcock

Easy isolation of your water supply for maintenance or in an emergency. Also includes a remote switch for fitting on a wall or in a cupboard for convenient, easy access. This switch-operated stopcock is ideal for properties where pipework is especially challenging to access, where the water supply needs to be isolated on a regular basis or in properties with hard water supplies.

Conventional brass stopcocks are subject to limescale build up, getting into the joints of the tap and making it difficult, even in some cases impossible, to open and close the valve if you need to.

The Surestop Stopcock is an easy-to-use valve designed to operate as your property’s main stopcock. Because the valve’s interior is made of glass-filled nylon, its smooth surface prevents build-up of limescale. The quick and effective switch on the Surestop Valve means there isn’t a stiff tap to turn, and the remote switch ensures that turning off your water is quick and easy. If there’s ever an escape of water, you know that you’ll be able to turn the water off with a quick click – and save yourself the time and effort that could cost more than you’d expect!

Product Features

  • – Remote switch
  • – Suitable for use with copper or plastic pipes
  • – WRAS approved as a stopcock
  • – No need for electric supply, powered by water pressure
Price subject to technical survey


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