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K5 Pure Plus Water Filter


Ideal if you lead an active and healthy lifestyle and want a revolutionary drinking water system to remove impurities from your tap water, but not the beneficial minerals.

– Mineral Plus
– Reverse Osmosis filtration
– Delicious tasting water and food
– Independently certified filter
– Purer water than bottled and jug filters
– Simple and easy to install

Dimensions: h 483mm x w 150mm x d 394mm

Service Flow Rate: 3.75 l/min

Filters: Pre-filter, RO, mineral plus and post-filter

Guarantee: 10 years

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Perfectly pure water but with all the good minerals added back in. The K5 Pure+ Water Filter will remove all the impurities from your tap water. It also comes with a dedicated mineral plus filter, ensuring all the good minerals are put back in.

Price excludes installation, please get in touch to arrange a quote